Sunday, July 26, 2015

Free Samsung Smart Switch Download APK

Here we are going to tell you an easy way to transfer your smart phone content to a new smart phone. You can use Samsung Smart Switch download apk for that. This tool assist you to transfer the photos, music, SMS messages, your calendar, contacts list, etc…, to another Samsung device. This is very useful when you are moving from one Samsung device to a new Samsung device. Because, the main problem you face when you buy a new smart phone is how to move the content of old phone to new one.

To transfer all the above mentioned files, you must have a Wi-Fi connection. And also the android version should be android 4.0 or higher version. Samsung Smart Switch download will scan all the files before transfer them to a new device. It is a good safety measure. And you can also the SD card content using Samsung Smart Switch download.

You can download Samsung Smart Switch using following ways free of charge.

1.      From Samsung’s official website - Direct link
2.      Via Google Play Store

This is a small apk and file size is 11.5 MB. The latest version of Samsung Smart Switch is 2.5.150324_01. You do not need to sign in to Google Play Store to download this. Just download it without signing in.

The way to Transfer your App Data from your Android to Another .

Key Features of Samsung Smart Switch Download

1.      This amazing tool is very easy to use and very user friendly. Therefore any one can use this tool without any higher technical know-how.
2.      You can move almost all the content of your device to a new device.
3.      Scanning of the file content of the device and SD card is a unique feature of this tool.
4.      If you are moving files wirelessly, then you need to have a Wi-Fi connection.
5.      Or else you can transfer the content via a USB cable. In that case you need android 4.0 operating system or higher.

There are two separate tools of Samsung Smart Switch

1.      Samsung Smart Switch for PC / Mac

To transfer files from your PC you have to download this. For android devices at least version 4.3 or above and for iOS devices, iOS 4.2.1 or a later version required.

2.      Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app

To transfer files from your device to a new smart phone you should download this. Android version 4.0 or later needed. 

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